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Now we live in an era of mass digitalization. NFT, virtual reality, GameFi - all this is on the lips of people. The world is moving online and that cannot be denied. Once upon a time, the Internet was born and only 1% of the world's population believed in it and earned capital. Now the Internet is transforming into a new form - metaverses. This is a virtual world with a living ecosystem, whether it's bad or not, but almost all people will use these technologies in the near future, and the only question is whether to make money on it or use them anyway.

A few words about NFT: NFT is not a fungible asset that cannot be counterfeited and it exists in a single copy. Today, NFT technologies solve key problems in the world of art and copyright. You can digitize absolutely everything and become the owner of a unique digital item that cannot be faked, as it is registered in the blockchain and has its own smart contract. The capitalization of this market is already more than $20 billion and will inevitably grow. Already now NFTs have found real application in many industries and this is the absolute trend of the decade. But, the market is still very young and it lacks working tools that solve the real problems of this segment. Therefore, I could compare investments in this area in terms of prospects with investments in Internet technologies in the 90s.

What exactly am I suggesting? Reading time :2-3 minutes

I am an ambassador of an international decentralized platform for connecting the virtual world with the real world through blockchain and NFT. Today we are the only ones in the CIS and Europe who solve the complex problems of scalability of modern technologies. We have professional graphic designers in our team and we cooperate with major celebrities, actors, athletes and bloggers from both the CIS and Latin America and Europe. We develop turnkey digital art collections for them and sell them on our marketplace, they in turn bring a live audience to the platform that becomes active users of our products. We have been working on the international market for 8 months already and have achieved a lot of results during this time. We have no competitors now, as we are solving the main problem of NFTs, namely their applicability. For example, we have already sold one collection, and now several more are being finalized, this is not just a picture, but a digital ticket that entitles the buyer to a live meeting. For example, go to drink coffee with some celebrity, go for a ride with her in a car, etc. That is, the product has an application in real life, but no one has done this yet.

We have our own digital currency, for which all operations on the platform are carried out. And below I will describe why the model of our project is working and thoughtful.

- The rate of digital assets is volatile. And now, on the drawdown of the market, it is clearly seen that at least one conservative instrument is needed, which will make a profit even on a bearish cycle. Our asset is not subject to volatility for the next at least 3 years. Due to competent tokenomics and the functioning of the token in the ecosystem of the project, which accordingly leads to an increase in demand for the asset, its price is only growing. It also has limited issuance, which is another growth factor.

- A major market player does not have the opportunity to take coins for an unlimited number in one hand. At the moment, tokens can only be mined, mining will continue for the next 5-8 years and will consistently bring profit. This was done in order to avoid situations that often occur on exchanges, when a whale invests a lot of liquidity in any coin, artificially inflates its value, people put their money into it against the background of fear of lost profits, at this moment the whale withdraws liquidity and collapses the price of the token. This will not happen here, and as for me, this is the most honest system for everyone and a long-term business model

- When buying NFT on other marketplaces, users are subject to volatility. In our tool, NFT does not fall in value, since the token is not volatile. And this solves the problem of many newcomers to the NFT market. Since, firstly, you need to understand which collection to buy and when to sell it correctly.

- The presence of a smart contract. $5.500.000 of own liquidity was contributed to the project and the developers do not own tokens, therefore they cannot withdraw liquidity and thereby bring down the project tokenomics. This can be checked with analysts.

- Public management and with extensive experience in the IT industry

- To date, the rate of our asset has grown by more than 500%. And this is for a relatively short period of operation of the platform, because we are constantly developing and improving our products, scaling in the market.

- Over 40,000 users use our platform products

- Project capitalization >50.000.000$

- Profitability at the current moment 10% monthly from the deposit amount + growth of the asset itself

-The investment works indefinitely, until the end of farming (5-8 years).

- We are the first to receive an official license from Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) to develop our metaverse. We also have a Latvian license for operations with digital assets. At the stage of obtaining Canadian and French licenses to open their own fund.

-November 4 marks the year of our company and we open a general office in Dubai

What other products are we developing?

In addition to the NFT marketplace, we have developed and launched our own metaverse (augmented reality). Also in the near future we are releasing our own crypto-wallet and we already have an agreement with VISA to issue crypto-cards, which can be settled all over the world. Also in the process of developing our own online wallet and digital exchanger, which we will present in the near future.

I will summarize

The world is changing very quickly. Liquidity from traditional markets is flowing into the digital asset market. Now the world needs quality products that will prepare people for the era of digitalization, and it is this market that can now be one of the first to be occupied. Actually, that's what we do. I am sending you a video presentation and a PDF presentation for a deeper understanding. Also, by prior arrangement, I can organize an online conference with the CEO of the project to discuss all your questions.

Video presentation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajVJMxWvJ3I

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Popularization of WEB3.0 technologies throughout the world. Teaching people safe investment and high-quality knowledge in the field of modern technologies.
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Has been working for a year
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$ 50.000.000
Public professionals with a great background in the IT field
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all risks are taken into account and included in the economic model
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We have developed our own metaverse and collaborate with major media personalities, artists, sportsmen who bring us a huge number of users for our products.
At this stage, there are no worthy competitors
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