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1.Purpose of the project.

  To create a business, it is proposed to open a new enterprise for the construction and further operation of a complex for flameless gasification of heating of the RDF type (hereinafter referred to as raw materials) with a total consumption of 50,000 tons per year and above. the complex is block without deep laying of the foundation and can be scalable to any volume of processing of raw materials per year.

The effectiveness of the proposed technological solution for flameless gasification of raw materials by a combination of production, environmental, economic and technological factors is much higher than all industrial installations and technological solutions operating in the world for the processing and gasification of such raw materials and is as follows:
o    insensitivity to the quality  of raw  materials and the presence of ballasts (including water) in it, while all other gasifiers require the use of input raw materials, a certain chemical composition and properties;
o    full utilization of the carbon present in the raw material;
o    the process of converting raw materials into synthesis gas occurs at atmospheric pressure without the use of air and oxygen blowing, while all other gasifiers cannot do without it;
o    for own needs of operation of the flameless gasification complex, the consumption of raw materials is no more than 12%, while for most gasifiers in the world from 20% to 45% of the volume of input raw materials is consumed for these purposes.

According to the technological scheme of the project, the following production cycle will be carried out: RDF → flameless gasification → energy resources

The volume of processing of 50,000 tons of raw materials per year using the technology of flameless gasification makes it possible to really claim the generation and sale to the side as a minimum of about 20.0 MW of electrical energy per hour (or with a generation duration of 8,760 hours per year to generate 175,200 MW of energy per year)  Such a complex fully provides itself with gas and energy resources, so it will not require bringing such engineering networks to it.

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